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Author : Samuel Taylor Coleridge
ISBN : OXFORD:590246485
Genre : English drama (Tragedy)
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Format : PDF, ePub
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No Remorse

Author : Dot Moore
ISBN : 9781588382641
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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A 1948 murder committed in Georgia¿s Coweta County was controversial not only for its middle-of-the-night mystery, but also for the role played by prominent businessman John Wallace. In No Remorse: The Rise and Fall of the Killer John Wallace, bestselling nonfiction author Dot Moore explores not only that fateful night, but also the events that brought John Wallace to that point -- the death of his father when Wallace was only eleven years old, and his early exposure to the making and selling of moonshine whiskey. Moonshine would later play a part in the murder for which Georgia sent Wallace to the electric chair. In striking detail, Moore explores Wallace's fascinating life, including his fits of uncontrollable rage. Moore includes actual letters to and from Wallace, as well as copious historical images, to give a full picture of the Georgia figure. With a cast of characters that includes fortune-teller Mahaley Lancaster, subject of Moore's well-known biography, Oracle of the Ages, No Remorse is a Southern true crime biography like no other.

Remorse And Reparation

Author : Murray Cox
ISBN : 1853024511
Genre : Psychology
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Remorse, or rather the lack of it, frequently features in banner headlines. But there is little systematic study of this important inter-disciplinary topic whose relevance has extensive social ramifications. The complex relationship between remorse, shame, guilt and attempts at reparation, are discussed in this authoritative work.

Compassion And Remorse

Author : Steven Tudor
ISBN : 904290920X
Genre : Philosophy
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This book articulates in rich and complex ways the nature of two important moral emotions or 'ways of being' -- compassion and remorse. As an exemplar of the 'agent-centred' tradition in normative ethical theory, it is a fine piece of work, exhibiting one of the more admirable and enjoyable aspects of work in that tradition -- the ability to build bridges between a variety of philosophical traditions. Steven Tudor makes excellent use of authors in both the analytic an continental traditions, while maintaing an admirable clear style. The book elucidates in nuanced and quite sophisticated ways the various aspects of compassion and remorse, and how they are distinguishable from neighbouring and less valuable states such as pity, emphaty, guilt feelings, shame and regret. At the same time, it acknowledges and combats various criticisms of compassion and remorse as moral responses by distinguishing between distorted and undistorted forms of these states. Compassion and Remorse: Acknowledging the Suffering Other is an interesting and intelligent work of philosophy." Dr Christine Swanton, University of Auckland, New Zealand, author of Freedom: A Coherence Theory (winner of Johnsonsian Prize, 1990) "Steven Tudor's book examines two important features of moral experience, compassion and remorse, both of which deserve a central place in the contemporary revival of virtue theory. Both involve the recognition of other people's suffering, while the second also involves a personal recognition of, in some cases, responsibility for that suffering. Drawing on a number of sources -- phenomenology, theology, postmodernism, and the philosophy of Wittgenstein -- Tudor interprets these important moral responses, not as bare cognitions, but in terms of understanding, feeling and practical engagement. Following a path of clear and cogent arguments, he develops a number of moral themes so as to sketch an illuminating conception of the moral life. This is a book for the thoughtful and reflective participant in those moral debates which touch on our personal relations with, and responsibility for, each other. What it offers the reader, in the end, is a strong defence of moral universality and a common human nature." Professor Brenda Almond, University of Hull, author of Exploring Ethics: A Traveller's Tale (1998) and Vice-President of the Society for Applied Philosophy Dr Steven Tudor studied philosophy and law at the University of Melbourne, Australia, where he is currently a Senior Fellow in the Department of Philosophy. He also practises law as a barrister.

The Impact Of Apologies Accounts And Remorse On Attributions Of Responsibility Implications For The Legal System

Author :
ISBN : 9780549164333
Genre :
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When a transgression occurs, an offender can offer an account to explain her behavior. The account may minimize the offender's responsibility for the transgression and demonstrates that the offender's behavior does not reflect her general personality. Victims and perceivers judge the offender and attribute responsibility based on the given account. According to the Integrated Attribution of Responsibility Model (AOR Model; Gailey & Lee, 2005), responsibility attributions are influenced by a variety of factors, some of which are inherently manipulated by providing an account. The current research examined the effects of accounts on judgments of the offender. Experiment 1 tested an excuse, justification, denial, and no account, whereas Experiment 2 tested an apology account. Participants in Experiment 1 were mock jurors and watched a mock trial video in which the defendant's account regarding his neighbor's death was manipulated. The study also manipulated the defendant's remorse display (i.e., remorseful, remorseless) to examine the interactions between accounts and remorse. Participants viewed the defendant in the excuse condition most favorably, but they acquitted the defendant in the denial condition most often and recommended the most lenient punishment in the justification condition. However, providing no account consistently produced the most negative outcomes. Defendants offering these accounts benefited from remorseless displays because the remorseful defendant was found guilty more frequently. Experiment 2 staged a situation in which the research assistant insulted the participants to assess responses from actual rather than hypothetical victims. This study manipulated the coerciveness of the apology that the research assistant provided the participant. The apology conditions were: voluntary, coerced with no consequences, coerced with threat of negative consequences, and no apology. Victims judged the offender more positively and punished him less when he provided an apology rather than no apology. Victims did not distinguish between the different apology types on most measures, suggesting that coercive apologies can produce the same positive effects of voluntary apologies. Additionally, both studies found support for certain factors in the AOR Model; specifically, actor characteristics (i.e., gender, positive/negative traits, behavioral consistency), respondent characteristics (i.e., gender, age), causality, and intentionality each predict attributions of responsibility.

Malice And Remorse

Author : Zachary M. Gard
ISBN : 9781462006892
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 54. 58 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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For Jack Gardner, everything in his life seems to be going perfectly. He marries his college sweetheart, Melanie Stole; begins a promising career; and has the blessing of long-time best friend, Craig Sanderson. But Jack’s perfect life shatters the day his wife is raped and murdered— allegedly by Craig, a man he has known and been friends with for most of his life. With his wife’s murder and his friend’s betrayal, Jack struggles to cope. Through a horrific trial, Jack relives the tragedy as the prosecution’s star witness. Craig’s conviction seems certain, but Joseph West, Craig’s defense attorney, and rookie police officer Travis Denton think there is much more to the story. The details just don’t add up. They investigate endlessly looking for new leads to solve what they believe to be a case of wrongful accusation. As West and Denton begin to unravel the case, they are shocked to learn the secrets of why the woman was killed, and they come to grips with the idea that people are not always who they appear to be.

Buyer S Remorse

Author : Bill Press
ISBN : 9781476792897
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 84. 92 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"The prominent liberal syndicated radio and television host concisely explains the many ways President Obama has failed to live up to either his promises or his progressive potential, leaving Democrats disillusioned on the issues that matter most"--

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